Equine Nutrition Consulting

“Certified Independent Equine Nutrition Advisor”

Let’s break that down.

Certified - There are no licenses or specific education programs for someone wanting to work as an Equine Nutrition Advisor. However, Dr.Rachel Mottet has worked as an Equine Nutritionist both in industry and independently. In her career, she has taught numerous courses and students, given countless lectures and knows what it takes to work with horse owners to build a successful nutrition program. As part of her business, Legacy Equine Nutrition, she has built a rigorous course designed for equine professionals who want to do this as a career. Completing hours of coursework, guest lectures by top nutritionists and veterinarians, and finally, passing a pretty tough exam process has led me to being able to say that I am now a Legacy certified advisor!

Independent - I don’t work for any one company. I work for my clients - the feeds you like (or don’t), your horse’s condition and his job, and give you the straight info on those supplements that come at us from all directions. I want the best for YOU and YOUR HORSE - not a feed or supplement company’s bottom line!

Equine Nutrition - I ensure your horse is receiving a balanced nutrition program according to the most current science out there. I stay on top of what the experts are researching and what the best approach is for your horse’s entire program - from forage to feed and everything in between.

Advisor - My goal is to be in line with your goals and use my expertise, training, and education to give you the best program possible. I‘ve done all the research so you can spend more time enjoying life with your equine partner.

I know what it’s like - I ride, breed, compete and run a boarding barn. We care about our horses from top to bottom and love our vets, trainers, and body workers. Now there’s an option to add me as an expert to make sure your horse is getting what he needs on the inside to look and perform his best on the outside. Whether it’s your heart horse or your whole herd, I’ll design a program that works for you, for your horse, and fits with your lifestyle.

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